What does STSFM stand for?

She’s too sexy for me

When you see a woman who you believe is way too attractive for you, you might find yourself using the acronym “STSFM”. This stands for “she’s too sexy for me”. It’s often used in online chats or text messages to express how someone feels about a woman’s beauty.

Depending on the situation, using STSFM could be positive or negative. For instance, if you’re posting a photo of your partner on social media, you might use STSFM to humorously show that you think she’s out of your league.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by your date’s good looks, you might text a buddy saying “STSFM”. This could be a way to express your nervousness and hopefully, your friend might boost your confidence.

Example for using ‘STSFM’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m going on a date tonight!

That’s awesome! Tell me more.

Well, she’s really attractive, but I’m feeling nervous.

Don’t worry, you got this!

I hope so. She’s STSFM!