What does STTH stand for?

Speak to the hand

When someone no longer wants to interact with you, they might send you the slang term STTH, which stands for ‘speak to the hand’. This implies that they may not read your messages and probably won’t reply.

Phrases like ‘speak to the hand’ and ‘talk to the hand’ are popular among the younger generation to express their annoyance and ask someone to back off. These phrases essentially mean “I’m not listening to you. But hey, you can keep talking, but only to my hand.”

When using these phrases, people usually thrust out their hand dramatically to visually show their lack of interest. In the world of online chats, STTH is the acronym form of ‘speak to the hand’. But it’s worth noting that ‘talk to the hand’ is used more frequently than both ‘speak to the hand’ and STTH.

Example for using ‘STTH’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the latest episode of that show?

STTH πŸ–οΈ I’m so over it. Can’t stand the drama anymore.

Oh, really? I thought you liked it.

Nah, not anymore. STTH 🀚