Study Buddy

What does Study Buddy mean?

A buddy you study with

A study buddy is someone you pair up with for studying. It’s usually a friend you meet regularly to do homework or prepare for tests together. These sessions are often scheduled at places suitable for study like a library or a cafe.

If you’re sharing the same classes with your study buddy, you can help each other out in understanding the course material and completing homework. This way, a study buddy not only helps you understand the coursework better but also gives you a hand in getting your homework done.

But it’s not always necessary for a study buddy to be from the same class. Sometimes, you might have a study buddy who is studying a totally different subject. In such cases, your study sessions act as a motivation for you both to focus on your respective studies. The idea here is to use these meetups as a motivation to study.

So, a study buddy is more than just a friend you study with. They can be a source of motivation, a helping hand, and a way to make your study sessions more productive and enjoyable.

Example for using ‘Study Buddy’ in a conversation

Hey, do you want to be study buddies?

Sure, that sounds like a great idea!

Awesome! We can meet up at the library tomorrow after school.

Sounds good. I could use some motivation to study.