What does Stunad mean?

A person who is not smart is called ‘Stunad’

When someone is acting foolish or making bad choices, you may hear them being referred to as a ‘stunad’. This slang term is most commonly used by Italians and it basically means ‘stupid’ or ‘crazy’.

For instance, if your cousin took your car without permission and ended up crashing it, you might exclaim, “I can’t believe I trusted that stunad with my car!” Or, if your co-worker spills coffee all over your new shirt because they were too busy talking on the phone, you might grumble, “That stunad wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing!”

The word ‘stunad’ has its roots in Italian-American communities. It’s a derivative of the Italian word ‘stonato’, which translates to ‘out of tune’. In slang, it’s used to describe someone who is not in sync with reality, either due to their lack of intelligence or their erratic behavior.

Example for using ‘Stunad’ in a conversation

Can you believe what Jason did? He bought a brand new car even though he’s already in debt!

What a stunad! Doesn’t he realize he needs to pay off his loans first?

I know, right? I can’t believe he would make such a stupid decision.

He’s definitely lacking common sense. He’s a total stunad.