What does SUAFU stand for?

Situation unchanged, all fouled up

SUAFU is a slang term that’s really an acronym, standing for “Situation unchanged, all fouled up”. It’s a variation of a more well-known military acronym, SNAFU. Basically, SUAFU is a way to express that nothing has improved from a tough situation and things are still in a bad state.

You’ll often hear this acronym in reply to someone asking how things are progressing, especially after a difficult or stressful event. It’s a bit of a downer to use since it means that there’s been no good news or forward movement in the situation.

Example for using ‘SUAFU’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s everything going?

SUAFU 😩 Just dealing with the same old mess.

Oh no, what happened?

Remember that project we were working on? It’s still a disaster.