What does Subtweet mean?

Hidden message in a tweet

A subtweet is a sneaky way of talking about someone on Twitter without them knowing. This is usually done when someone wants to make a comment or share an opinion about another person without letting them know. For instance, if a user wants to say something about Jeff Bezos, they might tweet something like “JBezos is ruining the e-commerce experience, and yet here we are still shopping.”

Subtweets can cleverly work around direct mentions. They often do this by using the person’s name without the @ symbol, making it less likely for the person in question to find the tweet. So if someone wanted to subtly criticize Kim Kardashian, they might just write “KKardashian” instead of “@KimKardashian”.

Most of the time, subtweets are used to throw shade or criticize someone indirectly. The person tweeting may not want to confront the person they are talking about directly, or they may just want to vent their feelings to their followers without starting a feud.

Example for using ‘Subtweet’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that tweet earlier?

Yeah, I saw it. It was totally a subtweet.

Right? They were definitely talking about someone specific.

Exactly! But they didn’t mention any names.

I wonder who they were throwing shade at.

Who knows? That’s the thing about subtweets, you never really know.