What does SUF stand for?

Shut your face

When you’re gaming, chatting with friends, or even talking with family members, you might be told to SUF, which is a rough way to tell you to “shut your face”. Essentially, it’s a more forceful version of “shut up” or “be quiet.”

Despite the literal phrase “shut your face”, the person saying SUF doesn’t actually want you to close your whole face. So you won’t have to close your eyes, plug your nose, or cover your ears when someone tells you to SUF.

Instead, what they really want you to do when they say SUF is to stop texting, chatting, or talking. So if someone tells you to SUF, it’s probably a good idea to stop what you’re saying before you make the person you’re talking to even more upset.

Example for using ‘SUF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see my new gaming setup? πŸ˜„

Yeah, it’s cool! But you really need to clean up your room. 🧹

SUF! It’s my personal style. πŸ™„

Haha, alright, no need to get defensive. Just kidding! 😜