What does Suh mean?

‘Suh’ is slang for ‘What’s up’

Suh is a super chill way to say “what’s up?”. It’s like the more laid-back cousin of ‘sup’. You can usually hear it from those cool guys who might be a bit too into their weed.

When you say it, it should sound like “huh”, but with an “s” sound at the start instead of an “h”. Easy, right?

Some people aren’t fans of suh. They think it’s a lazy way of talking because it turns two words into just one syllable! It can sometimes even sound like a simple grunt instead of a real word.

Example for using ‘Suh’ in a conversation

Hey! Suh?

Not much, just chillin’. Suh with you?

Same, just takin’ it easy. Suh gonna do later?

Probably gonna grab some food. Suh you wanna join?