What does Supersub mean in soccer?

A player who frequently scores when playing as a substitute is called a ‘Supersub’

In the world of soccer, a Supersub is a player who has a knack for scoring goals when they’re brought into the game as a substitute. This typically happens later in the game, when the team is in need of a fresh set of legs to shake things up.

The term Supersub often describes those players who have a special talent for coming off the bench and making an immediate impact on the game. Their fresh energy and quick thinking can be exactly what the team needs to either tie up the game or take the lead.

Usually, a Supersub isn’t just a sub who does a good job, but rather a player who consistently performs well in this role. Their ability to adapt quickly to the game’s pace and dynamics, even after sitting on the bench for most of the match, sets them apart from other substitutes.

So, next time you’re watching a soccer match and you see a substitute entering the field, pay close attention. If they manage to score a crucial goal, they might just be the team’s Supersub.

Example for using ‘Supersub’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that soccer match yesterday?

Yeah, it was intense! The Supersub really saved the day!

I know, right? They came in as a substitute and scored the winning goal!

They always seem to have a knack for scoring when the team needs it the most.