What does SUSFU stand for?

Situation unchanged, still fouled up

SUSFU is an acronym for “Situation unchanged, still fouled up”. It’s used when a bad situation hasn’t improved. You’ll mostly see it used in texts or online chats.

It’s similar to the acronyms SUAFU and the more popular SNAFU, often used in military circles. Folks who use SUSFU are often either veterans, IT professionals, or people who just want to sound hip.

People use SUSFU when responding to others asking for updates on stressful or challenging situations. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a downer because it implies that nothing has improved.

Keep in mind, since “fouled” is a stand-in for a stronger curse word, some people might find SUSFU a bit harsh. So, think twice before you use it!

Example for using ‘SUSFU’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s it going?