What does Suss mean?

To figure out or understand

‘Suss’ is a slang term that originated from the word ‘suspicious’. It’s a popular term you might hear when someone is talking about figuring out a secret or catching onto a lie.

You’ll often hear it used in different forms too. For example, ‘sussed’ is used when someone has already discovered the truth, and ‘sussing’ is the ongoing process of getting to the bottom of things.

So next time you hear someone say they’re ‘sussing’ something out, you’ll know they’re on the hunt for the truth. And if they’ve ‘sussed’ it, they’ve already found what they were looking for.

Example for using ‘Suss’ in a conversation

Hey, did you suss out who ate the last slice of pizza?

Yeah, I totally sussed it! It was Sarah. She couldn’t resist.