What does Swag mean?

Coolness or talents

If you hear someone talk about ‘Swag’, they’re referring to a sense of style or specific skills. This word is a shortened form of ‘swagger’ and gained popularity through hip-hop culture.

Often, you’ll see ‘Swag’ used on social media platforms like Twitter, where it’s usually prefixed with a hashtag (#). It’s a common way for people to boast or show off.

But with great popularity comes great backlash. Some people began to use ‘Swag’ in an ironic or mocking way, due to its overuse.

Example for using ‘Swag’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, I saw your new outfit today. You’ve got some serious swag!

Person 2: Haha, thanks! I’ve been trying to up my style game lately.

Person 1: Well, it’s definitely working. Your swag is on point!

Person 2: Appreciate it! Gotta stay fresh, you know?