What does Sweatin mean?

Being concerned or anxious

When someone is ‘Sweatin’, it means they’re really nervous or worried about something. This slang term comes from the physical reaction we often have when we get scared or anxious – we start to sweat, especially on our foreheads. So, if you hear someone saying they’re ‘sweatin’, it’s not about the gym or the summer heat, it’s all about their feelings.

Other times, you might come across ‘sweat’ or ‘sweating’ being used in the same way. They all mean the same thing and are used to describe a person who’s feeling quite stressed out about something or someone.

Remember, next time when you hear someone mention that they’re ‘sweatin’, they are not necessarily talking about their physical state, but they’re expressing their worries or nervousness. It’s a fun, casual way to say “I’m really worried about this!”

Example for using ‘Sweatin’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that test result is out?

Yeah, I saw it. I’m sweatin’ about how I did.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you did fine!