Sweet Sixteen

What does Sweet Sixteen mean in March Madness?

Final 16 teams in a tournament

During the popular March Madness tournament, “Sweet Sixteen” is a term used to describe the remaining sixteen teams. These teams make it to the second weekend of the tournament after winning their first two games in the round of 64 and 32.

The Sweet Sixteen are the final four teams from each of the four regions: West, East, Midwest, and South. This adds up to a total of 16 teams. The team that wins a Sweet Sixteen game progresses to the next stage, known as the Elite Eight.

From the Elite Eight, the victorious teams advance to the Final Four. This is the third weekend of the tournament. The two winning teams of the Final Four then compete in the championship game.

Generally, the term ‘Sweet Sixteen’ is mostly used by college basketball fans or individuals who have filled out a bracket for the tournament.

Example for using ‘Sweet Sixteen’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the March Madness games?

Yeah, I caught some of them. Did you see the Sweet Sixteen?

Definitely! It’s the last 16 teams in the tournament.

Oh, got it! So, the Sweet Sixteen leads to the Elite Eight, right?