What does Swimmers mean in Anti-Vaxxer Slang?

People who have gotten their vaccine shots

People who oppose vaccinations, also known as anti-vaxxers, often use the slang term ‘Swimmers‘ to describe those who have received their shots. This term is frequently used on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, particularly within groups that are against vaccinations.

This terminology came to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, although the exact reasons behind its creation remain uncertain. The action of getting vaccinated is sometimes referred to by these individuals as “joining swim club“.

The term ‘Swimmers’ can be seen as a form of algospeak. Algospeak is a kind of internet jargon used primarily by social media users to bypass automated content moderation systems. By using this kind of cryptic language, they can continue to share their views without being detected by the algorithms that monitor for content that breaks the platform’s rules.

Example for using ‘Swimmers’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you hear about the new term ‘Swimmers’?

Yeah! It’s slang for vaccinated people, right? πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

That’s right! Anti-vaxxers use it to refer to us. πŸ™„

It’s so strange how they come up with these terms. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ