What does SYL stand for?

See you later

Ever received a text or online message that simply said “SYL?” Wondering what it means? Well, it’s a quick and easy way to say “see you later.” It’s often used at the end of a conversation to signify a goodbye, but with the intention of reconnecting soon.

It’s common to see this term used in informal chats, like between friends or teammates. For instance, if you just finished a gaming session with your pal Jack, you might send “SYL” knowing you’ll likely team up again soon. Similarly, you could quickly text “SYL” to your bestie, Sarah, just before you hop into a work meeting.

Besides ‘SYL’, there are other forms in use too. “CUL” and “CUL8R” are common alternatives that carry the same meaning. Essentially, all these terms are used when people plan to meet or talk again, either online or in real life (IRL).

Want to make your goodbye a little more fun? Try adding an “A” at the end to make it “SYLA.” This stands for “see you later alligator” and adds a playful twist to the standard “see you later.”

Example for using ‘SYL’ in a conversation

Hey! Just finished playing that game with you. 🎮

Yeah, it was so much fun! We make a great team. 😄

Definitely! SYL, gotta go for now. 🙌

No problem, catch you later! SYL too. 👋