What does SYLA stand for?

See you later alligator

SYLA is a catchy acronym used when saying goodbye in a fun and casual way. It stands for “see you later alligator”, a phrase that’s been around for quite some time as a light-hearted way to end a conversation.

This slang term gained popularity in the 2000s, when texting and online chatting started to become a regular part of our daily communication. It is often used at the end of emails, text messages, and online chats when you plan to communicate again later.

SYLA is usually responded to with the acronym AAWC, which means “after a while crocodile”. This phrase has also been around for a long time as a playful response to “see you later alligator”.

Keep in mind that while most people are familiar with the phrase “see you later alligator”, not everyone might be aware of the acronym SYLA. So, be mindful of who you use it with.

Example for using ‘SYLA’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to hang out later?

Sure, what time works for you?

How about 7 pm?

Sounds good! SYLA! 🐊