What does T2go mean?

Time to go

If you’re in a hurry and need to leave a chat quickly, you might use the slang ‘T2go’. This is a quick way of saying ‘Time to go.’ It is a popular phrase used in text messages or online chats.

Although it’s not as commonly used as G2G (got to go), you might still come across ‘T2go’ when talking to people who are up to date with the latest text lingo.

A friend might drop a ‘t2go’ in your chat when they need to leave the conversation. This usually means they have some real-world stuff to do. For example, they might need to go to work, do some chores, or catch up on some sleep.

Example for using ‘T2go’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still at the party?

No, t2go. Have an early morning tomorrow. 😴

Got it. Catch you later then! πŸ‘‹

Yep, talk to you soon! Take care! 😊