What does T2UL stand for?

Talk to you later

If you’ve come across ‘T2UL’, it’s simply another way to say “talk to you later”. Nowadays, however, it’s a bit old school and not often used. People usually use ‘TTYL’ instead, so it’s not surprising if you had to look up what ‘T2UL’ means.

There are also different acronyms and abbreviations you might come across that mean the same thing. So, if you ever bump into someone who’s using ‘T2UL’ or any other outdated slang, you might want to suggest they switch to ‘TTYL’. It’ll make things easier for everyone they’re chatting with.

Example for using ‘T2UL’ in a conversation

Hey! How’s it going?

Hey! I’m good, just finishing up some work. T2UL!

Great! T2UL too!