What does T4P stand for?

Thanks for posting

Ever stumbled upon the term ‘T4P’ in an online discussion or a social media post? Well, it’s a way for people to show their appreciation for something useful you have posted. T4P simply stands for “thanks for posting”.

Imagine a situation where your local mayor asks for public suggestions on a new park project. You share your thoughts, and then you see a response saying “T4P”. This simply means your input was acknowledged and appreciated by the mayor.

So, T4P is a quick way to say thank you in digital conversations, especially when someone has posted something valuable or useful. Use it to express your gratitude or to acknowledge someone else’s contribution.

Example for using ‘T4P’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see my post about the new restaurant in town?

Yeah, T4P! I’m excited to try it out.

I’m glad you liked it! Let’s go together this weekend.

Sounds like a plan! T4P for sharing the info.