What does Table mean in nightlife?


Ever heard of the term ‘Table’? It’s a cool way to say turntable, the spinning disc that plays records on a phonograph. This term is often thrown around in nightclubs when talking about DJs mixing tracks.

In the vibrant world of nightclubs, a DJ spinning records on a ‘Table’ can set the mood for the entire evening. So, when someone mentions ‘Table’, they’re not talking about a piece of furniture, but referring to the exciting world of record mixing.

This term is a testament to how language evolves, with words like ‘Table’ moving from being associated with furniture to becoming synonymous with music and entertainment. Remember, next time you hear ‘Table’ in a club, it’s all about the music, not a place to rest your drink!

Example for using ‘Table’ in a conversation

Hey, are you going to the club tonight? πŸŽ‰

Yes, definitely! Can’t wait to hear some good music. 🎧

Same here! I hope the DJ is on point. 🎚️

Oh, for sure! They always bring the πŸ”₯. They really know how to work the table. 🎡