Take A Smellfie

What does Take A Smellfie mean?

Sniffing your own armpit

When you hear the term ‘Take a Smellfie’, it’s all about checking if your deodorant is still doing its job. It’s an act of smelling your own armpit.

This slang is a blend of the words “smell” and “selfie.” It’s a quick way to check if that unpleasant odor in the room is coming from you or not.

Smellfies are commonly done in crowded places like a busy subway or car. It’s a sneaky way to make sure you’re not the one causing discomfort to others with your body odor.

It’s also a common ritual in the morning when you’re deciding if you need to apply more deodorant for the day.

Example for using ‘Take A Smellfie’ in a conversation

Hey, I just learned a new slang term today!

Oh really? What is it?

It’s called ‘Take A Smellfie’.

Haha, that sounds interesting. What does it mean?

‘Take A Smellfie’ means sniff your armpit.

Wait, seriously? Why would someone do that?

Well, it’s a way to check if your deodorant is still working.

Ah, that makes sense. So it’s like taking a selfie, but with a smell?

Exactly! It’s like a selfie for your nose, especially when you’re in crowded places.