Take Him Off The Grill

What does Take Him Off The Grill mean?

Stop him in his tracks

In the world of social media and online forums, ‘Take Him Off The Grill’ is a slang term that means “put a stop to him” or “remove him”. It’s a phrase that’s created in opposition to another popular internet phrase, “let him cook”.

Back in 2010, internet users started saying ‘let him cook’ as a way to say “allow him to do his thing”. For instance, if a basketball enthusiast disapproved of a coach’s call to bench a player, they might post “Bad call coach, you should have let him cook” on Twitter.

As the phrase ‘let him cook’ became more widespread, internet users started seeking a culinary-related phrase that meant the opposite. Eventually, the online community agreed on the phrase ‘take him off the grill’. This phrase paints an image of a chef being stopped and removed from their grill.

Example for using ‘Take Him Off The Grill’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the latest episode of that cooking show?

Yeah, it was great! The chef really knew what he was doing.

Totally! But there was this one contestant who was just terrible.

I know, right? They should’ve taken him off the grill!