What does Talibangelical mean?

A super passionate evangelical Christian

A Talibangelical is a term used to describe an intensely devout evangelical Christian who seeks to force their views on others. This name isn’t a compliment – it’s a way of pointing out someone’s extreme beliefs and over-the-top pushiness. The term combines “Taliban” and “evangelical,” highlighting the perceived similarities.

It’s hard to say who exactly came up with this term, but we know it’s been circulating since at least the late 2000s. People who aren’t Christian (and sometimes those who used to be evangelical Christians themselves) tend to use this term on the internet, especially when they’re calling out passionate Christians. These are usually politicians who are trying to force non-believers to follow their Christian beliefs.

Typically, these discussions revolve around contentious issues like women’s reproductive rights, religion in schools, LGBTQ rights, and the debate between creationism and evolution. The term ‘Talibangelical’ is often thrown into these debates to criticize those who are seen as too pushy with their Christian beliefs.

Example for using ‘Talibangelical’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that interview with the politician?

Yeah, I did. He’s such a Talibangelical.

Right? He’s always pushing his religious views on everyone.

It’s so frustrating. I wish he would respect other people’s beliefs.