Talking Head

What does Talking Head mean?

A person on TV sharing news or views

When you hear the term ‘Talking Head’, you’re likely hearing about someone who features on a TV show, generally to provide information or share their opinions. This phrase was born from the visual where only the person’s head and shoulders are shown on the screen, making it look like a standalone talking head.

Cable news has played a significant role in popularizing this term. ‘Talking Head’ is commonly used to describe news anchors, reporters, or any other individuals who frequently appear on television to discuss various topics.

While the term may sound humorous, it simply reflects the standard camera framing used in many TV shows. Remember, when you think of a ‘Talking Head’, you’re thinking of a person who’s there on your screen, sharing their knowledge or perspective on a topic.

Example for using ‘Talking Head’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new show on TV?

Yes, I have! It’s so interesting to see the talking heads discussing the news.

I know, right? They give us all the information and opinions we need.

Exactly! And it’s funny how they’re called talking heads because you only see their head and shoulders on the screen.