What does Tameka mean?

A woman who gets mad easily and says mean things

A “Tameka” is often referred to as a woman who is aggressive, self-centered, and dishonest. This derogatory slang originated from urban neighborhoods in Pensacola, Florida, where it’s commonly used to criticize Black women, just as the term Karen is used to denigrate White women. The backstory of the first “Tameka” that led to this term is still unknown.

You might come across the term Tameka in both online and offline conversations. For instance, you may find a social media user on a platform like Twitter labeling a woman as a Tameka for yelling at a parking officer. Similarly, a friend might caution you against behaving like a Tameka if you are overly critical of a waiter about your meal.

The term Tameka falls into a larger group of slang terms that have been derived from names and are used to describe individuals who demonstrate certain characteristics or behaviors. Other examples of such name-based terms are Patricia, Yolanda, Jennifer, Larry, and Brad.

Example for using ‘Tameka’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the lady yelling at the cashier?

Yeah, what a Tameka! She was so rude and mean.

I know, right? She was totally out of line.

We should definitely not act like Tamekas when things don’t go our way.