Tater Trot

What does Tater Trot mean in Baseball?

Victory Run Around the Bases

Ever heard of a ‘Tater Trot’? Well, it’s a fun expression used to talk about the leisurely run a player takes around the baseball or softball field after smashing a home run. It’s a playful twist on the term ‘tater tot’, a favorite potato snack, and ‘tater’, a slang term for a home run.

Imagine this: John steps up to the plate, the crowd is on its feet, and he hits an epic home run. As the ball soars over the fence, John begins his triumphant ‘Tater Trot’ around the bases, soaking in the cheers. That’s the perfect example of a ‘Tater Trot’.

So, next time you’re watching a baseball game and the batter hits a home run, you can say, “Look at that ‘Tater Trot’!” You’ll come across as a true baseball aficionado!

Example for using ‘Tater Trot’ in a conversation

Did you see that game yesterday?

Yeah, that was an epic Tater Trot in the ninth inning!

Right? He really knocked it out of the park.

Literally! That’s what makes baseball so exciting.