What does Tater mean in baseball?

Tater is another term for Home run.

When someone talks about a ‘Tater’ in the context of baseball, they’re referring to a home run. Not just any home run, but one that really wows the crowd because of its distance and power.

The roots of this term are a bit of a puzzle. Some people swear that it was first used by a famous baseball player named Reggie Jackson. On the other hand, there is a theory that it came from another baseball slang “mash”.

“Mash” was a term that players used to talk about hitting a ball really hard. And since everyone loves food, and mashed potatoes are a big favorite, the term evolved into “mashed taters”.

Just to add to the mix, ‘Tater’ is quite similar to another baseball slang term, ‘Yard’, which also means a home run. So, next time you hear someone mention a ‘Tater’, you’ll know they’re talking about an impressive home run!

Example for using ‘Tater’ in a conversation

Did you see that home run in the game last night?

Yeah! It was a massive tater!

Totally! It went so far, I thought it was gonna hit the moon!

Haha, yeah! That tater was out of this world!