What does TBE mean?

To be edited

If you see the term TBE, it stands for ‘To Be Edited’. This usually means that a piece of writing needs some work before it’s ready to be published.

For instance, an initial draft of a newspaper article might need TBE before it’s good to go. Or if you’re a postgraduate student, your dissertation might need TBE before you can finally hand it in.

It’s not just text that can be TBE. This term is also used when talking about video or audio that requires editing.

So, if you’re a film maker and a client isn’t satisfied with a video you’ve made, they might say “This video really needs TBE again before we can put it out there.”

Example for using ‘TBE’ in a conversation

Hey, I just finished writing this article. Can you take a look?

Sure! Is it ready to go or does it need any edits?

It’s TBE, so it still needs some polishing before it’s ready for publication.

Got it. Let me know when you’re done editing, and I’ll take another look.