What does TBFU stand for?

Too bad for you

Ever received a text that says “TBFU”? This slang is a short way of saying “too bad for you.”.

It’s typically used in an online chat or text message as a response to someone who’s just shared an unpleasant situation they’re in or about to face. But don’t mistake it for an expression of condolence or sympathy. It’s quite the opposite.

When you don’t feel sorry for someone’s predicament, maybe because you don’t particularly like them, or they ignored your advice, you hit them with a “TBFU”.

Interestingly, it can also be a playful jab between close friends. You might use “TBFU” to mockingly empathize with a friend’s hilariously bad situation.

For instance, if a friend is trapped on a plane beside a loud snorer, a “TBFU” text might be in order. Or, you could use it sarcastically when a friend gripes about a first-world problem, like having only a hot tub and no swimming pool.

Example for using ‘TBFU’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just got a flat tire on my way to work. 😞

TBFU! Should’ve listened to me and got those new tires last week. 😜