What does TCFN stand for?

Take care for now

TCFN is a friendly way to say “take care for now.” It’s commonly used to wrap up online chats, signaling that you’re stepping away from the conversation for a bit but will return.

When someone uses TCFN, they’re suggesting that they’ll be back to continue the conversation soon. It’s a polite way to bring a chat session to a close without shutting down future communication.

If you’re on the receiving end of a TCFN, it’s likely that you’ll be reconnecting with the sender sometime soon. Ideally, you may have already arranged for another chat or a real-life catch-up.

So, when you see TCFN, don’t worry! It’s not a goodbye, but a friendly “see you later”.

Example for using ‘TCFN’ in a conversation

Hey! How’s it going?

Hey! I’m good, thanks! Just finished work. How about you?

I’m good too! Just chilling at home. Wanna catch up this weekend?

Sounds great! I’m free on Saturday. How about we meet at our favorite coffee shop?

Perfect! Let’s do that. TCFN!

Awesome! TCFN! Can’t wait to see you!