What does TCOOD stand for?

Taking clothes out of dryer

Ever received a message from a friend that simply said TCOOD? If you’ve been left scratching your head, here’s what it means. TCOOD stands for ‘taking clothes out of dryer.’ It’s a very specific way of saying they’re unavailable because they’re busy with chores.

TCOOD is used in the same way as AFK (away from keyboard). If someone is sending you this message, they are basically saying they’ll be offline for a bit. The term started getting popular among online gamers and has since spread to other digital platforms.

But how long do they usually stay away? Well, it depends. If the dryer is nearby, they could be back online in a few minutes. That’s where another slang, BAK (back at keyboard), comes into play.

However, if the person is a bit of a perfectionist and likes to fold and put their clothes away immediately, it could take a while longer. So, the next time someone drops a TCOOD in your chat, you now know what they’re up to.

Example for using ‘TCOOD’ in a conversation

Hey, can you TCOOD for me?

Sure, I’ll take care of it.

Thanks! Let me know when you’re done. 😊

I’m BAK! All done with TCOOD. πŸŽ‰