What does Td mean in American football?


In the world of American football, TD is a term you’ll hear a lot. It’s short for touchdown, an event that earns a team 6 points. It happens when a player either runs with the ball into the opposing team’s endzone, catches a pass while in the endzone, or returns a kicked ball to this area.

You’ll often see td used in football stats. This is because scorekeepers and fantasy football leagues use ‘td’ as shorthand when tallying the number of touchdowns a team or individual player has scored. The term is also popular in online chats and text messages about football games.

Scoring a td in football can happen in several ways. On offense, a player might run the ball to the endzone, catch a pass while in the endzone, or return a kick to the endzone. But touchdowns aren’t just for the offense. A defensive team can also score a td by intercepting a pass or recovering a fumble and running the ball into the endzone.

Example for using ‘Td’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the game last night? 🏈

Yeah, it was incredible! Did you see that amazing Td by our team? πŸ™Œ

Totally! It was a perfect pass into the endzone. That Td sealed the victory for us. πŸ†

Definitely! Our quarterback is on fire this season. Can’t wait for the next game! 🏈