What does Techlash mean?

Negative reaction towards major tech companies

Techlash is a term that describes the growing dissatisfaction and negative response towards major tech corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. This backlash is primarily due to concerns about privacy, manipulation of information, political involvement, and the impact on a child’s mental growth.

With the rise of digital devices and online services, more and more people, including activists, scholars, and regular users, are becoming wary of their influence. This growing sentiment of distrust and criticism led to the formation of the techlash movement in 2018.

Many of these technologies were once celebrated as “freeing”, but now their negative aspects are being highlighted more and more. Some key criticisms involve companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple, known for creating influential technologies and devices such as computers, smartphones, online platforms, AI gadgets, and digital communication systems.

Despite the rise of the techlash movement in the 2010s, there are still many who support big tech, highlighting the positive contributions of technological progress, like the role technology played during the Covid pandemic and the racial justice movement in 2020. These people generally see these tools and technologies as means that should be used wisely as society continues to evolve towards a better future.

Example for using ‘Techlash’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the techlash movement?

Yeah, it’s the backlash against big tech companies, right? Like Google and Amazon?

Exactly! People are concerned about surveillance, manipulation, and their influence on society.

I get it. It’s good to question the impact of these technologies, but they also have some benefits.