What does TechToker mean?

A TikToker who talks about tech is called a TechToker

TechTokers are those TikTokers who use their platform to talk about the latest in technology. They love showing off new tech toys, discussing the most recent software, and sharing all of this in fast-paced, music-filled short videos.

A TechToker might use their platform to share an in-depth review of the newest gaming console, or even teach you how to unlock hidden features on your Android phone. If a review or tutorial is too long for one video, they’ll often split it up into a series of videos. You can watch these in order on their profile page to get the full experience.

However, you should be aware that a lot of TechToker content is pretty low-effort. Many are made by young guys who may just post tech-related memes, go on rants about their favorite (or least favorite) tech, or just show themselves scrolling through their phone. So, while you can learn a lot from some TechTokers, don’t expect every video to be high-quality content.

Example for using ‘TechToker’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new video by a TechToker?

Yeah, I love watching their tech reviews and tutorials!

Same! They always have the latest gadgets and cool software tips.

I know, right? And their videos are so entertaining with the music and all.