What does Tek mean?


If you’ve ever seen the word ‘Tek’ being thrown around in online chats, text messages, or social media, don’t worry, it’s just a cool shorthand for the word “take.” It’s particularly popular among the younger crowd and those mimicking a Jamaican English accent. Tek is widely used to keep conversations quick and punchy.

However, be aware that the term ‘Tek’ can also mean different things in different contexts. While its most common usage is to mean ‘take’, it can also refer to ‘technique’ or ‘technology’. So, if someone’s talking about their latest gaming tek, they could be referring to their gaming technique or the technology they use for gaming.

In a more niche usage, ‘Tek’ might even refer to a TEC-9 semi-automatic pistol. But unless you’re hanging around in some pretty shady online groups, you’re unlikely to encounter this meaning. So, don’t worry too much about that one. Just remember, when you see ‘Tek’, it most often simply means ‘take’.

Example for using ‘Tek’ in a conversation

Hey, can you tek care of my dog this weekend? I’m going out of town.

Sure, no problem! I’ll tek care of him for you.

Thanks a lot! You’re the best. 😊

No worries, happy to help! Just let me know what I need to do.