What does Teme mean?

Teme means Tell me

Imagine a scenario where someone is so eager to hear what you’ve got to say, they don’t even have time to separate the words “tell me.” That’s where teme comes in. It’s a quick and simple way of saying “tell me,” used by those who just can’t wait to hear the juicy details.

However, it’s worth noting that teme isn’t the most common way to abbreviate “tell me.” More often, people use TM or PTM to mean “tell me” or “please tell me,” respectively. So if you see those abbreviations, now you know what they stand for!

So next time you come across teme, TM, or PTM in a text or online chat, you’ll know exactly what they mean. No need to scratch your head in confusion – it’s just a speedy shorthand for those too impatient to spell out “tell me.”

Example for using ‘Teme’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what?

Teme! What’s up?

I just got tickets to the concert! πŸŽ‰

No way! That’s awesome! Who’s performing? 🎡