Text Door Neighbor

What does Text Door Neighbor mean?

Someone who has a phone number almost the same as yours

Your Text Door Neighbor is someone who has almost the same phone number as you, with just the final digit being one number off. It’s a play on the term “next door neighbor,” implying a close, though accidental, connection.

This slang first gained traction in the UK in early 2016, where it’s spelt “text door neighbour,” and it only started to become popular in the US towards the end of 2016 and into 2017.

Text Door Neighbors might reach out to say hello via text, initiating a unique and unexpected form of friendship. Some people have even expanded this connection to social media, following their text door neighbors online.

However, the concept of Text Door Neighbors isn’t embraced by everyone. Plenty of people regard it as a silly trend, finding it annoying or strange to strike up a conversation with a random stranger based solely on the similarity of their phone numbers.

Example for using ‘Text Door Neighbor’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just found out I have a text door neighbor! 📱😮

No way! What’s a text door neighbor? 🤔

It’s someone who has a phone number similar to mine, but the last digit is one above or below. Like, we’re almost neighbors! 🏡😄

That’s so cool! Have you texted each other yet? 📲👋