What does TFT stand for in gaming?

Teamfight Tactics

TFT is a term you’ll often hear in the gaming world. It’s short for Teamfight Tactics, an auto battler game that draws inspiration from the popular League of Legends (LOL).

In TFT, the aim of the game is to build a squad of champions and go head-to-head with seven other players. The last player standing is the winner. It’s all about strategy and making the right moves.

Auto battler is a type of video game where players arrange game pieces on a board, which then automatically fight against opponents. In the case of TFT, you create a team of champions and position them on a hexagonal grid. Once the game starts, your champions automatically battle against the other players’ teams.

Many successful auto battlers are extensions of already popular video games. For instance, Dota Auto Chess, the pioneer of auto battlers, is an offshoot of Dota 2. Hearthstone also jumped on the bandwagon and created its own version called Battlegrounds.

Example for using ‘TFT’ in a conversation

Hey, have you tried TFT yet? It’s so addictive! 🎮

No, what’s TFT? 🤔

It’s Teamfight Tactics, a cool auto battler inspired by League of Legends. You create a team of champions and battle against other players. 🏆

Oh, I’ve heard of auto battlers. So, you just watch the champions fight automatically? ⚔️