What does TFTHU stand for?

Thanks for the heads up

When useful info is dropped your way, a quick “TFTHU” can be your go-to response. TFTHU is a shorthand for “thanks for the heads up”. It’s a cousin to other appreciation shortcuts like “TFTI” and “T4LMK”.

It’s hard to say when TFTHU first popped up, but it seems to have gotten more popular as more people started texting and chatting online in the late 90s. The whole point of it is to give a quick thank you to someone for sharing some info that helped you out, maybe even saved you from some awkward or tough spot.

To give you a feel for when you might see TFTHU in action, imagine you let your buddy know that Jenny is into him. Or maybe you’re a gamer and you share a trick for defeating a hard boss – your friend might hit you back with a “TFTHU”.

Example for using ‘TFTHU’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the traffic on the highway today? It’s a mess!

TFTHU! I’ll take a different route then. Thanks for the heads up! 🙌

No problem! Just trying to save you some time. 😄