What does TGNC stand for?

Transgender and gender non-conforming

When someone identifies as TGNC, it implies that they are trans and/or gender non-conforming. This means that they don’t stick to the gender norms or expectations set by society. TGNC is a more specific term compared to broad and more complex acronyms like QUILTBAG and LGBTTQQIAAP.

The term TGNC along with others such as SAAB, PGP, cis, and NB, emerged in the 2010s. They were coined by the LGBTQ community as ways for people to better express their unique identities.

Most of the time, you’ll come across TGNC online. This could be on social media or on a GSM forum where people are discussing their identities or orientations. For instance, someone might share about the challenges they face as a TGNC person, especially if they were born female but feel more at home as a male.

Example for using ‘TGNC’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the term TGNC?

Yeah, it stands for Transgender and gender non-conforming.