That Moment When

What does That Moment When mean?

Recall that specific instance when

‘That Moment When’ is a common phrase used to introduce a scenario or experience that other people might also have experienced. This phrase is often shortened to the acronym TMW.

It is highly popular among young people, particularly when they are sharing their experiences on social media. It is frequently used in memes along with images that depict the described situation.

Sometimes, the phrase is altered slightly to become “that awkward moment”. This version is used to describe moments that made the speaker feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Example for using ‘That Moment When’ in a conversation

😂 That moment when you see someone you know in public but can’t remember their name.

🤣 Ugh, I hate that! That moment when you have to pretend like you know them, but you’re secretly panicking inside.

😅 Right? That moment when you try to avoid eye contact and hope they don’t approach you.

😂 I know exactly what you mean! That moment when you finally remember their name, but it’s too late to say anything.