The Gram

What does The Gram mean?


When people talk about ‘The Gram’, they are referring to Instagram. This is a trendy way of saying Instagram, especially among the younger generation. Instagram is a social networking app where individuals can post pictures and videos for others to see.

Most Instagram users access the platform through their mobile devices. The idea for this social media giant was conceived by two individuals, namely, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram made its first appearance on the internet in 2010, and it rapidly gained popularity to become one of the top social networking sites of the decade.

Instagram has also inspired several other social media terms. For instance, there’s ‘finstagram’, ‘rinstagram’, and ‘Instagram husband’. Phrases like ‘Gram it’ and ‘Do it for the gram’ also stem from Instagram usage. These terms and phrases have further embedded ‘The Gram’ into youth culture and language.

Example for using ‘The Gram’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the latest pics on The Gram?

Yeah, I’ve been scrolling through it all day! So many cool photos!

I know, right? It’s addictive! I can’t get enough of The Gram!

I totally get it! I’m always checking out what’s new on there.