What does Theyby mean?

Baby with no specific gender

A Theyby is a modern term used to describe a baby who is brought up in a gender-neutral environment. This approach to parenting is designed to protect the child from the pressures of gender stereotypes and predetermined roles, allowing them to choose their own path in life.

Parents who have a theyby are making a conscious decision to keep their child safe from the gender expectations that are often automatically assigned at birth. This means that traditional gender indicators, such as a gender reveal party, or color-coded clothes and toys, are avoided.

The main aim of raising a theyby is to let the child independently express and explore their own identity. This approach is considered by some to be a progressive strategy in parenting, promoting the idea that children should not be confined by the gender associated with their biological sex.

Example for using ‘Theyby’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the term ‘Theyby’?

Yeah, I have! It’s a slang term for a gender-neutral baby.

Exactly! It’s when parents raise their baby without gender stereotypes.

That’s right. They don’t have gender reveal parties or use gender-specific colors, clothes, or toys.