What does Thinspo mean?

Inspiration to be Thin

Thinspo is short for “thin inspiration,” or thinspiration. It’s a type of content that encourages people, primarily women, to lose weight and become thin. This kind of content is usually made up of pictures, videos, memes, and personal stories.

Thinspo is widespread on the Internet, but it’s particularly common on social media. It’s often found in the posts of influencers who both indirectly and directly promote the idea of thinness. Thinspo has given rise to several body image trends, including thigh gaps, ribcage bragging, and bikini bridges.

Many health professionals and parents of young, impressionable girls criticize thinspo. They argue that it promotes unhealthy body standards and can lead to harmful behaviors. Instead, they encourage people to aim for fitspo or fitspiration, which promotes fitness and healthy bodies that are achievable for people of all shapes and sizes.

Example for using ‘Thinspo’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of thinspo?

Yeah, it’s short for thin inspiration. It’s all about promoting being thin, right?

Exactly! It’s like pictures and stuff that encourage people, especially girls, to lose weight and become thin.

I’ve seen some of that on social media. It’s kind of concerning, isn’t it?