Thirst Trap

What does Thirst Trap mean?

A daring photo, video, message, or action meant to attract attention

A Thirst Trap is a provocative lure that triggers a person’s desire or ‘thirst’. This bait can be a statement or an action, but is most often a photo or video shared on social media platforms.

While this term is commonly associated with men being the ‘thirsty’ ones, women can also fall for thirst traps. A sexually suggestive picture or video can make them yearn for the person or object depicted, often leading them to post silly comments.

Generally, women who post sexually suggestive content are seen as the ones setting the Thirst Traps. Sometimes they might do it unintentionally, but often, it’s a calculated move designed to lead on and tantalize their followers.

Example for using ‘Thirst Trap’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new photo Sarah posted on Instagram?

Yeah, I saw it! That’s a total thirst trap! 😍

I know, right? She definitely knows how to get attention.

For sure! I bet she’s getting flooded with comments now. πŸ™ˆ