What does Thnq mean?

Thank you

Thnq is a quick and easy way to say “thank you” in text messages or online chat. It’s pronounced just like “thank you”, making it a popular choice for those who love to chat and text frequently.

You might see Thnq used by your buddy or coworker who loves to keep their messages short and sweet. Those who are not as familiar with text lingo might use TY, another abbreviation for “thank you”.

So, next time you receive a message with Thnq, don’t be puzzled. It’s just a quick, chat-friendly way of expressing gratitude!

Example for using ‘Thnq’ in a conversation

Hey, can you help me with my homework?

Sure, what do you need help with?

I’m stuck on question #5. Can you explain it to me?

Of course! It’s asking about the capital of France, which is Paris. Thnq for reaching out!