What does Three-peat mean in sports?

Bagging a championship title three consecutive times

A three-peat is a term used when a team wins a championship three times in a row. An example of this is when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship three times consecutively in the early 2000s.

This term is commonly used in competitive situations, especially in major sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA. It’s not usually used for regular season games, but more for significant wins such as championships. Achieving a three-peat is rare and difficult because it means beating all other teams three times in a row.

Some examples of team championship three-peats are the New York Yankees in baseball and the Pittsburgh Penguins in hockey.

The term three-peat was first used in the 1980s in the NBA. It’s a mix of the words “three” and “repeat”. Some fans believe that it was first used by Lakers player Magic Johnson after their second consecutive championship, while Lakers coach Phil Jackson registered it as a trademark at the start of the following season.

Example for using ‘Three-peat’ in a conversation

Hey, did you know that the Lakers just won their third championship in a row?

Wow, that’s impressive! They really pulled off a three-peat!

Yeah, it’s such a rare accomplishment in sports. Only a few teams have ever achieved it.

I remember the Chicago Bulls did it in the ’90s, right?