Tiger Mother

What does Tiger Mother mean?

A mother who insists on her child being the best

A Tiger Mother is a term used to describe a mom who is both very strict and very loving; she expects nothing but the best from her child. While it’s often used to describe Asian moms, it’s not only limited to them.

The phrase is inspired by the fierce protection that female tigers provide for their cubs. Some human moms show the same level of intensity, being overly involved in their children’s lives and setting high expectations for things like obedience and academic performance.

These moms are usually well-meaning, wanting the best for their kids. But, they often need to learn to tone down their intensity. The term Tiger Mother serves as a reminder of this balance that parents need to strike.

Example for using ‘Tiger Mother’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Jenny’s mom at the school event? She was all over her, making sure she got every answer right!

Haha, yeah! She’s such a tiger mother. Always pushing Jenny to be the best.

True, but sometimes I feel like she’s a bit too intense. Jenny must feel so much pressure.

Yeah, I agree. It’s important for parents to support their kids, but being too demanding can be overwhelming.