What does TILII stand for?

Tell it like it is

TILII is an acronym people often use when they want the truth, not a softened or less harsh version of it. It’s generally used during disagreements that should ideally be solved face-to-face or over a call, rather than through text messages or online chats.

The use of TILII suggests a demand for honesty and straightforwardness. It’s a clear request to avoid making the situation seem better or less serious than it really is. This term is popular in conversations where there’s a dispute or argument between two parties.

While it’s typically used in scenarios where heated discussions are taking place, the use of TILII can also indicate a plea for clear and direct communication. This is particularly true when it comes to resolving issues that have spiraled out of control over chats or text messages.

Example for using ‘TILII’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new movie?

Yeah, TILII, it was terrible πŸ‘Ž

What?! I thought it was amazing! 🀩

No way! The plot was so predictable and the acting was awful! πŸ˜’